The Sims 3

The Sims 3

Use endless creative possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments

Created by the famous designer Will Wright, The Sims was first launched in 2000 and became in no time a very popular game. Nine years later, at the third installment, the series is still very popular with 1.4 million copies sold just in the first week.
Sims is a strategic life-simulation computer game for daily life and activities in a small virtual city. The game starts with character customization for the sim (a virtual person) you’re playing with. There are options for choosing its look, clothes, temper, mood, career, and so on.
Each Sim has different skills and also various career options and general goals to choose from. Relations with the other people are very important factors in game design, like those with family, managers, and neighbors. House customization – an important part of the game - is very detailed, having a huge arsenal of objects that can be colored or textured in various ways. An interesting feature is the sophisticated psychology and behavior of the sims. They can be childish, smart, neurotic, or clumsy, based on the choices made when they are created. Opportunities, first time introduced in Sims, offer tasks that can be completed in order to receive awards. These are events randomly occurring based on sim's life style. They can appear as a career opportunity or boosting a relation, and add a welcomed non-linear content to the game.
Beside you character, the neighborhood is alive as well, sims from the town having their own life and activities like: going to work, rising the kids, aging, and dying.
By connecting to the Sims Store online, players are able to buy clothes, home improvements, furniture, and various items in exchange for real money. Game graphics look good and more natural than Sims2, and sounds are funny and well integrated into game play.
Sims 3 is a very good game, recommended not only for the series fans, but also for anyone willing to try a casual and relaxing game.
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  • A very well designed game with a great variety of situations to explore
  • Realistic and funny daily life simulation


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